9 Ways the State Labor Government are Putting Money Back in Your Pocket

A power point with an appliance plugged in. Caption: Huge News: Putting $250 back in your pocket & helping you get a better deal on your power bills

1. $250 Power Saving Bonus

Every Victorian household that logs onto our Energy Compare website to find a cheaper power deal will get $250.

No strings attached. The big power companies rely on us not bothering to find a cheaper deal - but better deals are out there - and the Energy Compare website will help you find one.

Go to www.compare.energy.vic.gov.au to find out more—and grab your $250! You can also call the hotline for assistance on 1800 000 832.

2. We’re Making Kinder Free (Permanently)

This is the biggest overhaul to early childhood education in Victoria. Here’s what you need to know:

  • From 2023, three and four year old kinder will be free meaning families will save up to $2,500 a year for every child.
  • From 2025, we’ll begin to open 50 government owned child care centres across the State in areas that need them most.
  • And also from 2025 we’ll transition from 15 hours of four year old kinder to a 30 hour pre-prep program of play-based learning for every four-year-old child in Victoria.

It’s about putting money back in your pocket—and giving every young Victorian the very best start in life.

To find out more, go to www.vic.gov.au/kinder

3. Over 70 Free TAFE Courses

There has never been a better time to upskill, change or kick-start your career with the State Labor Government’s Free TAFE initiative.

Free TAFE covers tuition fees for students who are eligible for government-subsidised training.

Free TAFE offers more than 70 courses across growth industries, including Early Childhood Education, Health, Construction & Infrastructure, Agriculture, Hospitality and Community & Disability Services.

With thousands of jobs available in these industries now and in the future – find a free TAFE course that’s right for you.

For more visit https://www.vic.gov.au/free-tafe or call 13 18 23.

We're making your Ls and Ps FREE

4. Free L and P licences

We’re making L and P licences free!

New learner drivers will save up to $51.40 in learner licencing and online testing fees. While probationary drivers will save up to $133.30 in probationary licence and online hazard perception testing fees.

For more info go here - https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/licences/licence-fees/motorist-package

We're giving safe drivers 25% off licence renewals

5. Safe Driver Reward

We’re bringing back the Safe Driver Discount later this year. Full licence holders (car, motorcycle, and heavy vehicle) who haven't incurred demerit points or committed other road safety offences for three years prior to their licence renewal will receive a 25 per cent discount on their next renewal as part of the Safe Driver Discount program.

For more info go here - https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/licences/licence-fees/motorist-package

We're guaranteeing 38 hours of stick pay for casuals in hospo, cleaning, laundries, supermarkets, retail, aged care, and more.

6. Delivering the Sick Pay Guarantee

You shouldn’t have to choose between a day’s pay and looking after you and your loved ones health.

That’s why the Victorian Government has introduced the Sick Pay Guarantee. Eligible casual and contract workers in many industries can now register online, and access up to five days of sick and carer’s pay per year.

And as part of the 2-year pilot, the Government is doing all the admin for the program and making payments directly to workers—meaning no extra paperwork for businesses.

Head to www.service.vic.gov.au/services/sick-pay-guarantee to find out more and check if you are eligible.

7. Solar Victoria Rebates

We’re helping Victorians make the switch to solar, save on power bills and build a cleaner, renewable future.

You may be eligible for a rebate for installing solar panels, a solar battery or solar hot water system.

We also provide rebates for eligible owner-occupier and rental properties to upgrade to energy efficient reverse-cycle air conditioners.

For more info go to www.solar.vic.gov.au or call 1300 376 393.

8. Fairer Regional Fares

Starting 31 March 2023, no matter where you live in Victoria, it will cost you the same amount to travel. The most you’ll pay is the same as a daily capped fare, which is currently $9.20 or $4.60 for concession.

For shorter regional trips, it will be even less.

And with weekend saver discounts, travel on Victoria’s regional network on weekends and public holidays, and your daily fare will currently only be $6.70 or $3.35 concession.

Because that’s just fair. More here - https://www.ptv.vic.gov.au/more/introducing-fairer-fares-for-regional-victorians/

Short term rego is here!

9. Introduced Short Term Rego Renewal

Pay less upfront when you choose a 3 or 6 month registration renewal. Short-term rego payment gives people more flexibility with how and when they pay – helping them manage their household budget.

And hundreds of thousands of Victorians are now paying their registration every three months or every six months, allowing them to pay less upfront and spread the cost of renewing their registration across the year.

For more info go here - https://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/registration/registration-fees/short-term-rego