Partial Closure of Portarlington Breakwater

Partial Closure of Portarlington Breakwater  Main Image

Information from Parks Victoria



The Portarlington breakwater is a popular spot for walking, running and fishing. It’s also a great spot to stop and take in the views or watch local wildlife navigating life on the seas.  

As part of Parks Victoria’s ongoing marine asset maintenance program, they regularly assess the condition of maritime structures through technical and engineering inspections. A recent inspection of the breakwater has identified structural issues in the outer section, due to movement in the underlying rocks.  

The unstable rock foundation means the area is unsafe for public access and as a result they’ve closed the outer 200-metre section of the northern breakwater. Planning for repairs is underway and Parks Victoria will keep the community updated with progress. 

Important Information:

Planning for repairs:

  • Planning and investigations are underway but at this early stage the scope and timeline for repairs isn't finalised.

Changes during the closure:

  • The outer section of the northern arm of the breakwater is affected by the closure with teh last 200-metres closed to the public.
  • While the area is closed, please keep safe and don't enter the closed section.

Fishing during the closure

  • The remaining 280-metres of the breakwater and Portarlington Pier remains open for fishing. 

Other nearby spots for land-based fishing include St Leonards Pier, Queenscliff South Pier, Point Lonsdale Pier and Swan Bay Jetty.